why pay thousands dollars FOR DATA LOGGERS ??

While we are offering this robust device now For FREE.


what is "fresh 2 china" program

Fresh 2 China program is launched for the benefit of importers and exporters who trading with China. To ensure all partners in the supply chain have better access and understanding of their shipments, we launch this program to provide free devices for whom that are,

Sending shipment to china

devices are only available to whom sending shipments to China, final destinations can be Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc.

using tracking devices for better performance

the program is designed for those fresh fruit exporters and importers.

fresh 2 china program


This program is still in pilot running period, and is restricted to specific region and trade route.

why it's good for you

The benefit


A big save on cost and a step further on supply chain management.

  • cost saving with quality device
  • easy data management
  • free and powerful scm tool
  • scalable graphic charts
  • documentation management
  • on-site photo uploading
  • multi-parties collaboration


Assurance on data standard and quality for better analysis and decision making.

  • standardize data input
  • ensure data quality
  • environmental friendly
  • Responsive supply chain
  • easy integration with exist erp
  • Document and compliance check

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HOW the platform lookS

available pilot countries

Where you can get

Frequent Asked Questions

Have any problems?

You may contact f2c@cydiance.cc for any concern of the program, our staff will answer within 24 hours.

Are the devices free?

Yes, in this program we provide the tracking devices for free. However to ensure devices are coming back to China, a small amount of deposit are requested and it will be released right after device returned.


what else will be charged to use the device?

In order to cover the internet cost which is billed by worldwide telecoms, the program will charge as low as US$0.1/day/device, to ensure the program gets running smoothly.


do you have a service in my city?

Currently the program is only available in New Zealand. We are accepting requests now from Chile, Peru and Ecuador, if you want us to expand the program to your city or country, please send us request immediately, with more requests we will be able to launch to your city sooner.


how do you get the device back?

Our recycle team visiting major container unloading spots in China weekly, in order to collect devices. You may also notify the receiver to send the device back by domestic courier at a low cost.


what would happen if the device lost?

In case the device is not returned within 100 days after start using, the system will automatically deduct the full deposit of for the respective device.


are my data well kept?

Yes. Your data security is paramount not only to your business but ours, so we encrypt all data transfers in and out of the platform, as well as data shared with users during user sessions, meeting stringent requirements for data security.

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About cydiance

Cydiance has been active as a brand of technology in the international fresh and food trading business since 2014, providing hardware and software for the supply chain management in industry.

As Chinese company with international vision, Cydiance decided to launch the Fresh 2 China program in 2018 for the good of the booming food importing industry in China, and has been supported widely from various domestic importers and associations.

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We reserve the right to accept or reject requests based on own judgement.


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